A brand new shock absorbing technology.

The uniqueness of the technology originates from the energy absorbing material and how it is designed

Adapt to the needs
of the product

The material can be customized by altering the size and stiffness of the pyramids which makes it easy to adapt to the specific needs of different products.

The construction of this technology gives it the capacity to adapt to various risk situations by significantly reducing the energy of the incoming impact force before it reaches what it is intended to protect.

An impact force in daily life is usually a combination of both translational as well as oblique forces. Due to the pyramidal design, it has the capacity to consider both of these impact forces no matter from which angle they originate.

Developing a new standard

We have carried out tests of our material at a molecular level which has never been done in this context before. In other words, we test how the proteins in the brain tissue are affected by an impact and what effect our material has in protecting them.

We can show that Propretec significantly protects the proteins which we’ve recently discovered is crucial for preventing brain injuries. And this is what differentiates us from existing competitors in the market.

In addition to having developed a unique material, we have also developed a new standard for how one should measure the protective effect different equipment has on a molecular level.


The technology is applicable to a number of different products that users wear. In sports it can for example be applied in helmets and back protectors. It can also be used to protect the increasingly growing group of elderly from fall injuries, as it can be applied in hip protectors, wrist protectors, headbands etc.


The technology can also be used to protect people through external protection, for example, by using it in floors, soft chair seating, hockey rinks, and in areas where cars are frequently impacted.