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Around 70 million people worldwide will suffer traumatic brain injuries every year.

The most common causes of TBI are sports activities and falls – mainly in the aging population.

TBI increases the risk of dementia.

Falls are one of the most common causes of TBI. Older adults are most at risk, specifically those who are 75 years of age and older. With increasing aging, the number of injuries are also expected to grow. The exact costs that arise due to fall accidents worldwide are difficult to measure because of the lack of reliable statistics in many countries. However, it is known that falls among elderly in the US are estimated to $50 billion in medical costs annually. By working preventively, for example by laying Propretec floors in hospitals and in elderly care, there are large cost savings to be made for the public sector.

In addition to fall accidents among the elderly, recurring injuries to the skull at leisure and sports account for a large part of all injuries. It is well known that many repeated hits to the skull can lead to serious brain damage, not least from boxing. But fewer people are aware that for example, concussions account for up to 27 percent of all injuries in professional soccer. Concussions are common in many more sports, ranging from rugby to American football, hockey, and horseback riding. This is noticeable not least through the congresses initiated by the WHO, IOC, FIFA, and the International Ice Hockey Federation. This shows how critical it is to keep developing innovations that prevent injuries and benefit the population to live a more sustainable and active life.

“It is particularly important to work preventively for the elderly living at home, before they suffer a fall injury”


– Thea Enhörning, investigator at
the National Board of Health and

There are endless areas of use for the Propretec technology and only imagination sets the limits. We have come a long way with the technology, it has been tested in several products and some are ready to be taken to the market already. But most of the ideas are developed into prototypes with the goal of testing their performance and proving the concept.

Propretec’s ambition is to become a strong partner/ingredient brand for major brands that today focus on promoting injury prevention or would benefit from adding it to their value proposition.

We are therefore on the lookout for partners and brands who wants to work together towards a world where no young people should risk their lives doing the sports they love. Or where elderly people should die prematurely or have a reduced quality of life due to a fall accident. We are convinced that our technology can eliminate and reduce the unnecessary suffering of millions of people worldwide. For a brand, this is a unique opportunity to be first to market with a product with results that far exceed the competition in terms of performance and efficiency.

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