The only limitation
is your imagination

One of the technology’s many advantages is its flexibility. The size and hardness of the pyramids can be adjusted to optimally adapt to the area of use.  Since the pyramids don’t have to fit together, it’s easy to shape the material into any configuration. We have developed and tested the applications below. But this is only the beginning.
The possibilities are endless.


Bicycle helmets

Bicycle helmets

Propretec’s construction of a helmet is completely unique. Today’s helmets primarily protect the skull bone and the function of the helmet is to break down upon impact. Our version consists of a shock-absorbing material that instead reduces the impact force and protects  both the skull bone, strain levels in all direction and the brain on a protein level.

In addition to being used in biking, the technology can be used for other sports including mountain skiing, ice hockey, rugby, horse riding, skating, and skateboarding; simply put, for all occasions where helmets are used.

The tests that have been done show the impact force of acceleration is reduced by up to 80% compared to a test dummy, and the strain level is reduced by up to 40% compared to the test dummy control.

Impact reduction 82%

It’s uniqueness comes from a combination of the design and the material blend.

Hat and
head bands

The technology can easily be applied to an infinite variety of protective gear. Imagine being able to use a hat or headband and still get better protection than you get from many of today’s bicycle helmets. The latest tests on our prototype show a reduction of the acceleration impact from 150 cm height by about 60%. 


Impact reduction of up to




The specially designed pyramids of our horseshoe are designed to reduce the force when the horse’s leg hits the ground during jumping, trotting, and similar activities, and the aim is to reduce the frequent injuries to the horse’s tendons. 

Compared to regular iron horseshoe on concrete ground, Propretec horseshoes reduce the impact by about 65%, which is a substantial improvement. At the moment, an idea is being tested for how to attach the shoe without having to use today´s regular nails. Instead, it should be much easier for the horse owner to attach or detach them whenever wanted. 

Shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, back, and foot protectors 

The technology can be tailored into wearable equipment such as hockey gear or motorcycle clothing. Or it can be used on the outside of clothing to protect, for example, the elderly with a history of fall accidents through, for example, hip and wrist protection.

The technology can also be used in shoe soles to relieve pain from the hip as the energy-absorbing pyramids placed in a sole have the ability to cushion the impact when the foot hits the ground. Similarly, people with painful heel spurs can get rid of the impact pain with a special construction of the sole. Tests show an impact reduction of about 50% for products with smaller pyramids and about 60% for larger pyramids.



Falls are one of the most common causes of not only fractures, especially hips among elderly people, but are also the etiology for many traumatic brain injuries. This is where our energy absorbing material plays an essential role in geriatric wards at hospitals, in elderly community care, and in retirement homes to reduce injuries. 

The floor is characterized by downward sloping pyramids on which a thinner linoleum carpet lies loosely without requiring gluing or other fastening. Tests show that the floor reduces the oblique impact from the height of 110 cm by over 60%. At present, the floor has two different degrees of hardness, depending on what is preferable to be used on the floor, such as trucks in the basement of, for instance, hospitals or other workstations.

This type of softer flooring should also have a substantial value for the general population at their workplaces, so as to feel comfortable during indoor activities. It is also highly suitable for inhouse sports’ areas. Tests show that our floor is twice as effective in reducing the impact acceleration compared to existing floors.

Reduces oblique impact by over 60%

Application for
of G-force

In addition to the energy absorbing material itself, Propretec has developed a system of information technology for monitoring the G-force impact in real time. This sensor system is aimed to be included in any product of interest, such as helmets, footballs, foot soles, or horseshoes, aiming at analyzing the degree of impact.

The sensor system monitors the impact force that, for example, a player’s helmet or headband receives during a football game when nodding the ball or colliding with another player. The G-force from that impact is registered and the goal for the coach is to directly detect harmful impacts to the head, thus having the knowledge needed to take the player off the court so as to prevent further impacts to the player.