Protecting people
from becoming

A brand new innovation from the founder of Mips technology.

Propretec is an impact reducing technology consisting of an energy absorbing material with a unique design made up by different pyramidal constructions.
The strength of the innovation is its superior impact reduction in combination with flexibility. Allowing the technology to be applied in almost everything from wearable gear to external environments.


Horse shoes


Shock absorbing technology. Up to 82% reduction in impact force.

The ball on the left is made of Propretec’s energy absorbing material while the ball on the right is made of a rubber material that is not energy absorbing. It is clear how the kinetic energy disappears much faster in the ball made of Propretec’s material.

By using energy-absorbing material we reduce the incoming velocity of the shock, so the velocity is of such a low degree when reaching the brain tissue that protein structures are not damaged.